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This frosted glass film (vinyl) is designed to give an obscured etched glass finish to windows with minimum effort.  This is a professional quality frosted film.

An easy DIY job. Simply peel the back off the frosted etched glass film and apply to your window for privacy and/or to block out nasty views while letting light in.

You will just need soapy water, a scalpel and glass cleaner with a lint free cloth.

Sheet size is 100cm x 61cm. Supplied rolled.

Apply your frosted film by first cleaning your glass. Then spraying soapy water to the glass, pop the frosted film on and use a squeegy to smooth it out and remove water and air bubbles, leaving an etched finish on the glass.  Cut the excess frosted film away using a scalpel or craft knife and leave to dry.

Here are the full instructions for applying your frosted film to glass:

How to Apply Vinyl Films to Glass
Preparation is the key to easy application of film. Good surface preparation also ensures a long and trouble-free service life thereafter.

Any surface to which vinyl is to be applied must be clean and free of surface treatments – such as waxing – to ensure a good bond. A specialist surface cleaner should be used in all cases even if the application is short term. Newly painted surfaces should be left to cure before film or graphics are applied. Avoid greasy, rough or porous surfaces.

Vinyl application
There are two recognised methods for applying vinyl: wet and dry application. The method chosen will, to some extent, be determined by the size and complexity of the graphic image being applied.

Dry application. Take the frosted film and peel off the backing, lightly position it onto the substrate. Firmly squeegee the image down, starting at the centre and working carefully outwards, ensuring constant pressure is applied across the entire design. Slowly peel the application tape back on itself, leaving the image in position. Re-squeegee the image to ensure good contact, taking care not to scratch the film.

Wet application. Big surface areas are best applied using the wet method, as this method helps eliminate air bubbles on larger areas of vinyl. The wet method also allows re-positioning of the film several times if required – a considerable advantage when applying film requiring precise alignment.

Lightly dab the application fluid onto the background with a sponge. Alternatively, dampen the adhesive side of the vinyl with application fluid using a fine spray.

Float the frosted film onto the fluid, gently dabbing the image down to achieve the correct positioning. Firmly squeegee the film from the centre outwards to force any remaining moisture/air from under the image. You can pre-cut the etched film to the correct size before peeling from its backing, or you can apply the film first and cut away the excess film carefully with a scalpel. This is particularly good if applying frosted film to odd shaped windows.

After allowing the frosted film to dry – approximately 30-60 minutes depending on temperature/humidity re squeegee the image to ensure good contact, taking care to avoid scratching.
We reccommend using the Wet method when applying your etched glass film to your windows.

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