Can you recommend a Glass Fusing Kiln?

Can you recommend a Glass Fusing Kiln?

The Hobbyfuser made by Kilncare in Stoke on Trent is british designed an built.  It has a 3 Year warranty and is backed up by support from the factory, and if purchased from Creative Glass Guild, our in house team of glass workers our Bristol store has one in operation, so you can see it and try it out before buying.  You can also bring your controller in after purchasing from us and have a lesson in programming your kiln.

The kiln runs on a 13A (domestic) plug, so there is no need for additional wiring, we have two of these kilns, they are both efficient (using around £1 of electricity for a full fuse firing).  It is extremely good value, well built and reliable.  We recommend this kiln as a result of our own experience with it, and after having sold so many over the years.

Hobbyfuser fusing kilns can also be used for paint and stain (use a fibre liner to protect the shelf in you are staining).  It fires quickly and is predictable and easy to use.  The size (internally approx  42cm x 42cm) is perfect for bowls, plates and tiles as well as being deep enough to undertake basic casting.  A controller with 9 programs, each able to store 9 segments is a bonus for rapidly setting up firing sequences.  It is easy to edit and adjust these as required.

If you are looking for something smaller, why not check our the Kilncare Ace released in 2012 it is extremely well built and uses the same controller as the Hobbyfuser.  It is a great value way to get into glass fusing.

Please feel free to call us if you have questions relating to kiln purchases, our team are happy to help and advice upon your purchase, to make choosing your glass kiln as straightforward as possible.

Remember to visit our equipment hire page if you are looking to hire a glass kiln, we have a range available on site,

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