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Copper Foiling Starter Kit

ll the tools required to begin stained glass making using the copper foiling technique, just add the glass of your choice! As well as a W101, 100W Soldering Iron the copper foiling kit contains:

Toyo Super Cutter (ready to go with oil inside)

Standard Grozing Pliers

All Nova/Fid

8oz  Black Patina

Small 12" (305mm) Cutting Square

150ml  Chemical Flux for Copper Foiling

1/4" Copper Foil Roll (approx 33metres long)

Flux or Patina Brush

1/2kg (approx 10 sticks) K Grade Solder (60% Tin 40% Lead)

Safety Glasses

Glass Marker Pen - Black

Copper Wire - 1 metre 1.5mm

Get FREE DELIVERY, plus Save 5% off the retail price!

If you want to change an item on the list, e.g. upgrade your cutter, please ask at the time of order and we will be happy to do so.

Please see induvidual product descriptions for more information about each item in the kit.

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