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Product information

Copper Foiling Starter Kit

All the tools and materials required to begin stained glass making using the copper foiling (Tiffany) technique, just add the glass of your choice! As well as the Soldering Iron of your choice the copper foiling kit contains:

  • Toyo Super Cutter
  • Standard Grozing Pliers
  • Safety Glasses
  • Glass Marker Pen - Black
  • 5 sticks of K Grade Solder
  • Small 12" (305mm) Cutting Square
  • All Nova/Fid
  • 1/4" Copper Foil Roll
  • Flux Brush
  • Copper wire
  • Novacan Black Patina 8oz (237ml)
  • Novacan Chemical Flux for Copper Foiling 8oz (237ml)
  • A4 cutting mat
  • 2 pieces of free cutting Practice Glass 3mm
  • Selection of free coloured glass from our wide range to get creative!
  • Our How to Copper Foil booklet, with step by step instructions

Kits ship FREE with DPD, plus Save 5% off the retail price!

Please see individual product descriptions for more information about each item in the kit.  We use quality materials, Edco Copper Foil and Full Size Novacan brand chemicals in our kit and do not provide substandard beginners versions.  We want to ensure that you are happy with your purchase and go on to make lots of stained glass!

How to choose a soldering iron:

If you are keen to expand from copper foil into making stained glass with lead came work, you should choose the Hakko iron, as you can contol the temperature. This reduces the tendency to melt the lead came as well as the solder. There is also the Antex standard soldering iron (100 watts) which come with an energy regulator permiting iron to be used for stained glass soldering applications where lower temperatures are required to reduce lead came melting or where a boost to heat is required, for example in copper foiling work, the user can adjust according to their technique. It can be adjusted manually using the dial on the mains plug.

If you intend to just use the tiffany foil technique, the 80w Weller is a great iron for foil work with Weller build quality. For a budget option we offer the Antex Iron, which can get hot but will do the job when copper foiling and offers incredible value for money!

The Weller 200w is a very large iron used by professionals who need the power and speed of a larger tip surface area.

Why not add some extra coloured glass to ship free alongside your kit, our selection packs are a great place to start click here to view

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