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Stephanie Sersich, a lampwork artist and jewellery designer known for her adventurous use of color, shares her insights, inspirations, and special methods for success in "Designing Jewellery with Glass Beads". Learn Stephanie's process for creating great jewellery by starting with a primer on the different types of glass beads and how they are made. Then explore creativity with key principles of design including repetition, balance, contrast, texture, and color, all discussed in an accessible, conversational writing style illustrated with beautiful photographs.For the first time, the author shares her special method of knotting beads and fibers-called "spiny knotting" and until now only taught in her classes - as well as other new and exclusive projects.

"Designing Jewellery with Glass Beads" features twenty dazzling step-by-step projects incorporating a variety of beading techniques from simple to complex. The projects are fully illustrated and include wirework, stringing, sewing, and a variety of knotting techniques. Readers will build their skills by progressing through the projects and using the design tips in each project to make unique variations.

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