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Reactive Fusers Reserve OpalArt

Don't Miss Limited Edition Fusers' Reserve Glass
Available only while supplies last - don't miss your chance to create with limited edition glass by Spectrum®. Made in small batches, this tested compatible fusible glass is a fantastic way to create one-of-a-kind art.

Reactive OpalArt™ is an un-assuming clear texture, but it creates extraordinary color reactions in your fused art. The special formulation contains swirls of tin throughtout the glass, which will react to glass containing copper to create a burgundy tone where the two meet.
Note: you must position the tin-bearing (topside) of the glass against the copper-bearing glass to create a reaction. To find the topside, run your fingertips across the glass; the side on which the swirl texture can be felt is the topside.

This nearly colorless glass goes into the kiln, and creates rich burgundy and red tones where there is a reaction.

Photo examples of this unique glass are combined with Peacock Green, and many copper bearing compatible glasses will react.

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