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  • Gel Bit 19mm (3/4")

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The premium quality GelBit features a high-quality diamond grit available in 3/4″ (19mm) diameter with Rapid, Standard and Fine varieties.  It fits every type of grinder including Kristall, Inland, Glastar, Allstar, Wizard, Wizling and more.

It is easy to install and adjust.  Apply the grinder bit with 3mm (1/8") showing above the worktop and fix in place using the allen key (included).  We recommend using anti seize lubricant or grease to enable easy adjustment or removal (it can seize as with any grinder bit if not greased).

Use until the section of grit wears out, then adjust to the next 3mm (1/8") down.

Due to the impeller pump on the Kristall 2000s the Gel Bit will not sit down to the base, not allowing level access to the top 3mm.

The coloured bit responds to the grit;

Orange - Rapid 80/100 grit

Green - Standard 100/120 grit

Yellow - Fine 200/230 grit

Choose your grit using the dropdown above.

The 19mm (3/4") standard option is the size of bit supplied with most grinders.


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