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A five day exploratory masterclass in advanced methods of kilnforming.

This course is for skilled hobbyists and those working in the trade. Not suitable for beginners.

The course will cover:

The Firing Program Explained

An in depth look at how you develop a firing program and the reasoning behind each stage of the firing program in relation to how the glass is reacting and changing in the kiln.

Stack Fusing

By building up layers of fused glass you can achieve a stand-up sculptural piece with a 3D effect. Produce three 6mm thick panels of the same size which you will then fuse on top of each other to create your completed piece. Consider how you will dissect your image and how your design will fit together, incorporating enamels and frit to enhance the 3D effect.

Plaster Carving/Texture Mould Making

Learn how to create your own plaster mix and make your own one-use texture mould. If you’d like to, you can bring some objects to imprint onto your design such as seashells or anything that would leave a distinctive impression. Your mould will take two weeks to dry, so you can either take it home to use, or we can fire it here and send out the glass (the mould will not survive postage) We’ll also look at plaster carving, scratching designs into a dried plaster base which is then infilled with frit.

Creative Lampworking

Melt glass rods in a flame to make millifiori, stringers and twisties and discover interesting ways to incorporate these into your fused glasswork. 

Strip Fusing

Finely cut strips of glass and fuse them together on their ends to create geometric patterns.



We will provide a delicious cold lunch each day from Pret a Manger. Light refreshments will also be provided throughout the course.

What are the course times?

The course starts at 10am and runs until approximately 4pm. There is a chance that it may overrun depending on progress.


We will try to make our courses accessible to all however if you have any disabilities or physical limitations of any kind we ask that you discuss it with us before booking.

Looking for a gift?

Why not buy a course as a unique gift? If you're unsure of a suitable date you can buy a voucher and let them choose their own! Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase and need to be used to book a specific date within that time. A booking is not confirmed until the voucher has been validated against a specific date.


For cancellations made 4 weeks in advance we offer a full refund or one free date change. For cancellations made 3 weeks in advance we offer a 75% refund or one free date change. For cancellations made 2 weeks in advance we can only offer a 50% refund. If we receive less than 2 weeks’ notice we are unable to offer a refund or date change on course places.  If a date change has been requested we cannot offer a refund on a subsequent cancellation.

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