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Kristall 1 Glass Grinder - Delivered FREE!

Kristall 1 Grinder, made by inland, a great entry level model for the stained glass artist, comes with sponge and grinder bit.

It is extremely important to wear eye protection when using glass grinders.  Fill the water reservoir which prevents airborne glass dust and lubricates and cools the grinder head, prolonging the life of the diamond surface.

It is essential to apply a thin coating of grease (e.g. petroleum jelly) to the motor shaft before fitting the grinder bit. It is also worth removing the allen screw and inserting some grease into the thread to keep it lubricated and easy to adjust.  Always secure the allen key to the flat side of the shaft, tightening it to the rounded side will scar the shaft and prevent removal of the bit.

The sponge (provided with the grinder) will expand when soaked in water, and should be inserted behind the grinder head, so that it is in constant contact with the grinder bit. If a white paste develops when grinding, there is probably insufficient water in the reservoir or the sponge is not properly positioned.  Periodically rinse the sponge to remove residue, when it is worn out replace it. 

Start with a piece of scrap glass the first time you grind, to get a feel for the machine and the process. The bit should be lowered and set with 1/8" of diamond coating showing, this can be raised as each 1/8" strip of coating is worn.

We recommend that you use an RCD (circuit protector) with this machine

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