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  • Hotline Bead Making Starter Kit

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Everything you need for making beads, marbles and small 3-D glass objects.

Kit includes:

1 x Hot Head Torch      
1 x Bead Mandrels 1/8” (3mm) pkg. of 10            
1 x  Combing Rake                         
1 x  Grooved Marver
1 x  Hotline Air-Dri Bead Release, 8oz
1 x  Work Surface arrprox 25 x 30 x 1.5cm
1 x System 96 Set -96 COE
1 x  Medium Duty Scouring Pad
1 x  Table Clamp Kit
2 x  Fiber Blanket 30 x 15 x 2.5cm Thick
1 x Instruction Booklet

Torch uses propane or MAPP gas, which is available at most hardware stores.

*NOTE: Kit does not include oxygen or bottled gas.
Propane gas may be used with the Hot Head, but is not suitable
for some bright colors.

The Hot Head Torch is Perfect for Beginners!

  • Heats up quickly, allow you to make beads fast
  • Uses inexpensive, easy-to-find MAPP gas
  • Easy-to-use dial adjusts to flow to control your flame

Please note that you will need torch work safety glasses sold separately. 

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