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Product information

Lead Came 3mm x 4mm Round

Lead: Round Came

Round H Came has a rounded profile. Dimensions: A = 3mm B = 4mm C = 1mm

Also referred to as string lead or suncatcher came.

The first measurement refers to the width, with the second referring to the heart (height) of the lead. E.g. 6x5R = 6mm wide x 5mm Heart x 1.8metre length

We are pleased to be a distributor of Heaps Arnold and Heaps lead came which is made in England. All lead will be coiled or cut for postage.

Please make sure you buy enough lead for your project. If any lead sizes go out of stock we may have to substitute for another manufacturers lead without notice. Note that we cannot accept any returned lead.

Choose from Individual Lead Cames or Full 25kg Lead Box.  Approx 150 lead cames per box.

Box Price Includes Delivery.


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