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School Fusing Glass Studio Kit

All the essentials to set up a glass studio for teaching in Schools, Colleges and Adult Education for up to 15 students.

Call us for specific requirements and a kit tailored to different class sizes.

Choice of Olympic Kiln: Olympic 14, Olympic 18 Clamshell, Hobby Fuser 3, ProFuser.

Glass Grinder: Kristall 1

Papyros Kiln Paper: Studio Roll*

Safety Glasses (15)*

Cutting Squares (15)*

Value Oil Filled Glass Cutter (15)*

No Days Liquid Fusing Glue (5)*

Glass Marker Pen (15)*

Lightweight Cut Running Pliers (15)*

Grozing Pliers (15)*

Icicle Clear Base Glass 10cm x10cm Pack of 10 (6)- **60 clear glass squares in total**

Icicle Clear Base Glass 30.5cm x 30.5cm (10)*

£150 of Lucky Dip System 96 Fusing Glass

Frit 50g bags in a variety of colours (10)*



*Schools Discount of 20%



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