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  • School Stained Glass Studio Kit

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All the essentilas to set up a glass studio for teaching Stained Glass in Schools, Colleges and Adult Education for up to 15 students.

Call us for specific requirements and a kit tailored to different class sizes.

Glass Grinder: Kristall 1

Lead came- 25kg Mixed Box of 12x5F and 6x5R

Soldering Irons 80w (15)

Soldering Iron Stands (15)*

Tip Tinner*

Solder- C Grade (30)*

Tallow (5)*

Cement 2kg*

Value Lead Knife (15)*

Fid (15)*

Horse Shoe Nails- Bag of 100*

Whiting 1.8kg*

Cutting Square (15)*

Value Glass Cutter (15)*

Glass Marker Pen (15)*

Light Weight Cut Running Pliers (15)*

Grozing Pliers (15)*

Safety Glasses (15)*

£150 of Lucky Dip Coloured Glass

Clear Practice Glass 30.5cm x 20cm (30)*



*School's Discount of 20%

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