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Stained Glass Starter Kit

Our stained glass beginners kit contains all the tools required to begin making stained glass, & Free delivery!  You can add some glass to get started and take advantage of free delivery (see dropdown below)

As well as a choice of Weller Soldering Iron, this stained glass starter kit contains:

Toyo Super Cutter (oil filled glass cutter - with oil inside, ready to go)

Standard Grozing Pliers

Safety Glasses

Glass Marker Pen - Black

Lead Vice

Horse Shoe Nails (bag of 20)

Tallow Flux (single candle)

Black Graphite Polish for blacking lead (75ml tube)

1/2kg (approx 10 sticks) of C Grade Solder (40% Tin 60% Lead)

800g tub Leaded Light Cement

454g bag of Whiting

Value Lead Knife

Small 12" (305mm) Cutting Square

All Nova/Fid

1 Length 6 x 5 Round lead came (approx 1.8 metres each)

1 Length 12 x 5 Flat lead came (approx 1.8 metres each)

Practice Glass 3mm (30.5cm x 20cm)  x2

Please see induvidual product descriptions for more information about each item in the kit.

Free Delivery plus Save 5% off the retail price! 

If you want to change an item on the list, e.g. upgrade your cutter, or choose a different book, please ask at the time of order and we will be happy to do so.

We prefer the Weller 100w soldering iron as its thermostatic control reduces overheating (which can melt lead if not used with care), and it is less bulky than the professional size 200w iron.

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