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  • Stained Glass - The Art of Stained and Painted Glass - Alfred Werck

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Stained Glass - The Art of Stained and Painted Glass - Alfred Werck

Some light marks, Good condition. Paperback

An Unabridged, Digitally Enlarged Printing To Include All Illustrations. Originally Titled: A Handbook On The Art Of Stained And Painted Glass, Its Origin And Development From The Time Of Charlemagne To Its Decadence. Sections Include: Colored Glass, Its Origin - The Art Of Stained Glass - Its Origin And Development - Close Relation Of Glass Painting To Mural And Panel Painting - Questions Of Authorship - Chronological Survey Of Early Glass - Glass Painting As A Monastic Art - Theophilus - The Gothic Period - Influence Of Panel Painting - Development Of Technique - France, The Birthplace Of Art - The Medieval Technique - The Three Periods Of Glass Painting (800-1350, 1350-1500, 1500-1650 A.D.) - Old Windows In England And Western Europe - Changes Of The Material - Swiss Glass - Spreading Of The Art To Secular Buildings - Lack Of Perspective - Ornamentation - List Of Artists In Glass From The Fourteenth To The Seventeenth Centuries

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