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  • System 96: 3mm Mardi Gras - Moss Green Stringers & Frit on Clear

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Product information

System 96: 3mm Mardi Gras - Moss Green Stringers & Frit on Clear

System 96 Fusing Glass: Mardi Gras - Moss Green Transparent Stringers & Moss Green Transparent Frit on Clear

Dramatic combinations of stringer and frit hand cast into sheet glass. Slice, dice, stack and fuse for stunning effects. Saves time and prevents bubble entrapment compared to separate assembly at the kiln.

What's the stripe?  The image is of a  6" x 6" (15 x 15cm) fused tile. For most transparent colours, the area left of the diagonal stripe is fused over clear (lighter colour), while the area to the right is fused over white opal (darker colour).

Mardi Gras sheet glass, evoking the beads and strings and riotous colours of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, bring a unique look to the world of glass.  Matched or complementary colours of stringer and frit are fused into the sheet during the forming process, creating a fun pattern with many possible uses.

Fusible art glass, COE 96 made by Uroboros. Compatible with all the Spectrum System 96 range of glass.

3mm Thick. Can also be used in standard stained glass, traditional painting on glass and copper foiling applications


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