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Taurus 3 Glass Cutting Saw - with Free next day delivery to UK mainland.

The Taurus 3 Ring Saw is an advanced shape glass cutting saw.

The ring saws operation is very different to other machines as all cuts on the Taurus Ring Saw can be made by moving the material forward, backward, left and right (so rotation is not necessary). Diagonal directions are the strongest.

17 3/4" x 16" work surface.
5 5/8" throat depth.
1 1/2" throat height.
1/5 horse power motor.
220 volt (w/ internal transformer) capacity. 1.3-1.7 amps

1 Standard Ring Blade (installed).
Integrated spot light.
Removable face shield.
1 Stabilizer Foot
1 Instructional DVD as well as a written instruction manual.

Bottom door (soak bottom door in water before using to lubricate blade).
Thumb screw.
Bottom door clip.

The Taurus will cut all kinds of materials, including (but not limited to): Glass, tile, gold (which can be refined out of the water bath), silver, brass, bronze, aluminium, stainless steel, copper plastics such as lucite, plexiglass, composites and all types of stone.

The Taurus can be used as a high speed coping saw and will greatly reduce your metal cutting time. Slight loading can occur with aluminium over a period of time. Periodic cutting on a piece of brick will remove it from the blade.

We recommend that you use an RCD (circuit protector) with this machine.

The Taurus 3 Becomes a Hand Saw

This versatile saw can be used as Hand Saw simply by removing the saw portion from the unit. You no longer have to bring the material to the saw, instead, take the saw to the material you want to cut.

A stabilizer foot is now included and it provides greater blade stabilisation which in turn reduces grommet wear and gives you far better control.

Taurus 3 Glass Saw Tips

You can use coolant with the Taurus 3 and it will help cutting and will not harm any of the materials in the saw. Prolonged exposure to air born cutting fluid means that you should be sure to choose a safe (non-toxic) one. Alternatively, you do not have to use a special coolant with your saw, water works just fine. A teaspoon of vinegar will help where hard water is prevalent.

Since even warm water is enough to cool the saw, those of you in cold studios may use warm, (not hot), water. Your hands will love you!!

A couple of drops (two!) of washing up liquid to your saw's water and running it is a great way to clean it, but be prepared for lots of suds and rinse it thoroughly! We suggest using diamond grinder coolant while cutting as this speeds up the cut! Wear Gloves and Safety Glasses while working with the saw, and take care when cutting to let the saw do the work. Applying too much pressure in an attempt to speed up the cut will often result in blade breakage.  We carry spare blades along with a range of blade upgrades for dichroic glass, straight cuts (slicer blade), and even a Separating Blade with a join in it for cutting outwards from a drilled hole, simply uncoule the blade and re-join through the hole. Find all the accessories here

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