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  • Tin Side Detector for Float Glass

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Battery Powered UV Lamp (batteries included)  - Identifies  the Tin Side of Float Glass. 6" x 3" (152 x 76 mm)

This is a high end quality product made by "CR Laurence". 

During the production of float glass, one side of the molten glass is in contact with molten tin. The Float Glass Tin Detector detects traces of the tin residue left behind on the surface as it is removed from the molten tin bath. This surface of the glass is known as the 'Tin Side' the opposite side is known as the 'Air Side'.

The presence of tin is invisible to the human eye, so a Tin Detector is required to see it. Glass artists and processors find it beneficial to know which side is the tin side as the tin side has a smoother surface, but also it can be affected by kiln forming (for example when float fusing). Having the tin side exposed when firing float glass in a kiln can cause devitrification (a clouding or haze on the surface) in the same way that not cleaning your glass before firing it in a kiln.

The tin detector uses a special UV light, which when held to the tin side shows the reside as a milky white glow. When using float glass in fusing and slumping, check which is the tin side, then make sure that this is underneath, so as it is not exposed to the kiln's heat directly.

A must for any one wishing to undertake kiln formed and fused float glass work.

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