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Weave Bar Moulds (4 pack)

Use innovative moulds to create a woven look with glass strips. Create traditional plaids, chequer patterns and more for incredible fused art. 4 bars, each 6" long x 1-1/2" bottom x 1/2" top x 3/4" high.

1. Follow the manufacturer's written instructions to treat bars with suitable glass release.
2. Arrange bars on treated kiln shelf or spectrum papyros paper.
3. Lay glass strips or rods across the bars and fire to 1280 degree and hold until desired slumping is achieved. Typically, 20 minutes of hold will be required.
4. Remove slumped glass strips and flip every other slumped strip to create a channel to run unslumped glass strips or rods through.
5. Tack fire or slump the newly woven glass strips to create woven glass projects.


Images courtesy of Creative Paradise

Made by Creative Paradise Inc in the USA



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