Creative Glass Guild – Discount Scheme.

We offer a transparent discount structure to reward and thank our loyal customers for supporting us.  These discounts are based on a rolling 12 month period.  We are unable to extend discounts to some products, including but not limited to kilns, power tools, Toyo cutters, Papyros kiln paper, lead, solder, classes and sale items, however we provide the lowest prices possible on any item which does not attract further discount. Once you have reached a spend level below, please contact us to arrange application of your discount. Retrospective discounts will not be applied.

There are always special offers and sale items available on line, check out our online store, follow us on facebook and twitter and sign up for our newsletter for the latest offers.

Free shipping is available to all customers but is dependent on a minimum order which may be higher if you receive a discount, as detailed below.  Free shipping does not apply to oversized glass (outside our standard online sizing) or bespoke items where additional packaging and handling is required.  

International customers and those living in Highlands and Islands and Ireland will incur a shipping charge.

Band % Discount Annual Spend over Free shipping over (inc VAT) - COVID reductions in place
Level 1 5% £1000 £75 - NOW £40
Level 2 7.5% £1500 £75 - NOW £40
Student* 10% off glass only N/A £75 - NOW £40
Level 3 10% £2000 £75 - NOW £40
Level 4 15% £3000 £120 - NOW £75
Level 5 20% £4000 £120 - NOW £75

* For students on a pre-approved glass course (over and above 4 weeks duration) only; tutors - call us to register your students!

Tutors Discount (Level 4) – Tutors running stained glass and glass fusing training classes. For course materials and personal purchases only. Evidence of teaching status required.               

Education Discount (Level 5) – Schools and Colleges teaching with glass - after prior approval, orders placed with an official numbered purchase order for course materials only.

Wholesale Discount – for retailers and bulk purchasers, minimum annual spend £7500 – after prior approval. Please contact us to discuss wholesale purchasing. We are the UK Distributor for Oceanside Compatible Glass (formerly known as Spectrum, Uroboros and System 96).

Discounts are not transferrable and only apply to the person / company that holds the account. Accounts may not be shared.  Identification may be requested.  Account may not be transferred or used by others.  This will result in discount being revoked without warning. CGG may remove or change discount schemes at any time without notice.  Retrospective discounts will not be issued.