System 96®, in all its myriad forms, is a soft, forgiving fusing glass with a long working range and a wide margin of error. It is famously easy to cut; the colors are bright and consistent, and it will tolerate multiple firings without a blemish. Most importantly of all it is great value compared to its competitors.  Now the former Spectrum and Uroboros glass is made all under one roof it is called Oceanside Compatible.  We also carry a range of Wissmach 96 compatible glass to compliment the range.

Why do we think it is the best for fusing?

Famous cutability
Spectrum earned a reputation for producing the industry’s most forgiving glass to cut. Oceanside carry on this tradition: "Daily we strive to retain that distinction by maintaining a soft, smooth surface and a sheet that is carefully annealed and pleasantly responsive to the cutting wheel". The most challenging shapes are always easiest with Spectrum System 96. This saves you money and frustration.  At Creative Glass Guild we know this, as we cut a lot of glass!

Multi-fire devit resistance
Expand your artistic possibilities by firing System 96 glass again and again. Because it was designed to be remelted, System 96 endures this punishment with unsurpassed resistance to devitrification. No overglaze necessary—no disappointments.

Smooth surface and uniform thickness
Ultra-smooth surface and consistently uniform thickness together allow precise design, tight stacking and unsurpassed bubble control. Say goodbye to blurring lines and softening of detail—System 96 glasses retain their crisp lines throughout the firing process.

An inspiring palette of colors and forms
Cherry-pick from a lush orchard of products: the System 96 selection is big and fast becoming huge. Choose from a full array of compatible forms, every one tested to an identical standard, Oceanside now make the Spectrum Range of glass as Oceanside Compatible Fusing Glass, adding hundreds of colours of sheet glass for fusing.

Affordable, straightforward pricing
Let’s face it—artistic appeal aside, we measure our projects by their size, not by how heavy they are. Pricing glass by the pound can camouflage its high cost. In a true price comparison, you’ll find Spectrum’s System 96 glasses to be significantly less costly than competitors. Note the hobby size is 20% bigger when comparing prices (30.5cm x 20cm).

When shopping, multiply the COE-90 price per pound by 1.6 to get the price per sq. ft. Then compare it to what you would pay for similar System 96 products. You’ll be astonished.

System 96 sheet glass is available in: our Hobby Cut and Double Hobby Cut sizes, plus 24 x 24” (61 x 61cm), 24 x 48” (61 x 122cm) 

A single glass unites the hot-glass arts
System 96 Heat Compliant glass blurs the distinction between torch, kiln, and glory-hole. Techniques overlap and combine: add flameworked details to fused glass bowls, pick up kiln-formed elements and incorporate them into blown vessels. Separate disciplines become one.

From its inception, the System 96 partners set out to develop the world’s most versatile line of fusible glass. The choice was “96” COE because it facilitates the creation of glasses with “friendly” forming characteristics, and invites compatibility with a worldwide set of long-established art glass suppliers like Uroboros, Wissmach 96 and Youghiouheiny.

By the very nature of their manufacture, Oceanside Compatible System 96 products are extremely stable and consistent. Large, atmosphere-controlled furnaces assure the glass experiences no measurable change in COE throughout the production day. Slow, even annealing ensures stress-free sheets, homogeneous in structure throughout.

All System 96 products undergo three meticulous test firings, each one measured for devitrification, opacification, color change and stress against System 96 Master Samples. Standards are tight so the glass always measures up.

The Synergy of Partnership
Keep in mind that System 96 is not a company, but a standard. It has been created and adopted by multiple companies with similar visions for the hot glass arts. Call it an open-source partnership that draws on the strengths and resources of the best in the business. With multiple companies providing compatible products, you benefit from innovation, diversity and ever-expanding selection.

“System 96 offers everything I’ve ever dreamed of in a fusible, paintable glass. They cut like butter, are as smooth as expensive antique glass, and the color pallet is FANTASTIC. It’s always my first choice at home and in my classroom.” —Peter McGrain

“Inspiration comes to me at the most unusual times and places. The trick is to recognize it and harness it to be tapped into later. Fortunately, when I’m ready to create, I don’t have to give a thought to the materials I’m using. System 96 is a constant.” —Lisa Vogt

“If I were to sit down and design the perfect glass for kiln work, an ideal glass that had the best qualities of all the products available, my dream product would look just like System 96.” —Gil Reynolds

Technical Support:
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