At Creative Glass Guild we understand that what we do has an impact on the environment. We are working to reduce our carbon footprint and waste in all aspects of our business, including;

Using our partners DPD for the majority of our shipments, they are rolling out a fllet of electric vehicles and have the best Carbon reduction policy in the business, find out more at 

Switching packaging to paper wherever possible, including bagged goods, parcel tapes and high recycled material content boxes.  We also use re-useable bubblewrap, which is recyclable with soft plastic waste streams, and is made of 50% recycled material.  It is light weight, reducing transport carbon emmissions and high quality, protecting against handling issues to reduce breakages in transit.  This is the key to minimising environmental impact from waste and re-sending replacements.

We use a 100% renewable energy provider, and in our new building will be installing solar panels to generate our own electricity. We use all LED lighting, with low occupancy areas on sensors to switch off lights in unoccupied rooms.

We endeavour to ship our inventory in bulk over land or sea, minimising wasteful air transport and multiple orders which would generate more carbon than is absolutely necessary.

Sorting our waste into recyclables to minimise what is sent to landfill.

Recycling our wooden glass shipping crates via community woodwork projects, re-use for packaging or as fire-wood in our biomass warehouse heating.  

We hope you will join us on the journey of reducing the environmental impact of creating beautiful glass art, reduce, re-use and recycle.