In Conversation with Judith Schaechter 03/04/2014

In Conversation with Judith Schaechter 03/04/2014

In Conversation with Judith Schaechter 03/04/2014

We will be welcoming American stained glass artist Judith Schaechter, fresh off the plane, to deliver a talk about her work titled "Just the FAQs".

Schaechter focuses on the facial expressions of her characters, images of the deceased or dying people and scenes of imprisonment, and her work is often dark and mystical.

"The human figure is central to Schaechter's creative endeavour, and her work lends itself easily to narrative interpretation. Her comfort with disturbing subject matter and frequent use of female figures tempt the viewer to identify the artist with the images she depicts. Schaechter, however, does not limit the discussion of meaning to the parameters of her own autobiography. Her windows function instead like Rorschach tests - revealing as much about the viewer as the artist. For Schaechter, meaning often arrives after the creative act, and she is more interested in the possibilities of interpretation than forcing her own. The push and pull between meaning and wonder is at the crux of the aesthetic experience that Schaechter offers us."

- Extract from Extra Virgin The Stained Glass of Judith Schaechter

Schaechter has won numerous awards for her stained glass work, and has displayed her work in solo and group exhibitions all over the world. She has been teaching stained glass in America since 1995 and currently teaches at New York Academy of Art.

The talk will be followed by a question and answer session.

This is a rare opportunity, and spaces are limited, so book quickly to avoid missing out.

Image - "The Birth of Eve" by Judith Schaechter

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