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  • Black Graphite Polish (for blacking lead)

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Black Polish for Stained Glass ( Zebo / Zeebright replacement ) - 75ml tube or 170g Tin - choose from dropdown

Grate polish is great for use on stained glass panels to make them black and glossy. It is best used with a soft brush, and with some elbow grease, it blacks your lead and solder for a neat finish. Can also be used for your fireplace!

This is the modern equivalent simelar to Zebo / Zeebrite polish which is no longer in production.  Apply to cold dry lead, when fully dry you can install your panel or hang your piece of glass work. 

For copper foil work, use Black Patina. This reacts with the tin in the solder and causes a chemical blackening.

Apply a small amount of polish to the brush, then work vigorously over the lead (taking care to avoid pressing down - which may crack the glass).  Work until you have cleaned the polish from the glass and the lead is as black as you desire.  It is essential to let the polish dry onto the lead otherwise it will rub off.  You can also deepen the black colour of your solder joints on a stained glass panel by applying a small amount of black patina.

The 170g tin is the best value as it is not diluted to enable it to be squeezed from the tube.

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