• Coil Soldering Iron Stand (for 100w or 80w iron)

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Coil Soldering Iron Stand (for 100w or 80w iron)

A heavy duty coil stand ideal for Weller's W101, Hakko FX601 and 80W stained glass soldering irons. Comes with a cleaning sponge.

The Studio Pro Soldering Iron stand is well-balanced for stability. The heavy steel coiled wire cage prevents the hot soldering iron from touching the work surface and protects hands and nearby objects. The convenient sponge and sponge-well allows for quick and easy cleaning of soldering iron during use.

Assemble the soldering iron stand by removing the nut from the base of the wire cage. Insert the cage into the the hole located on the base of the stand behind the sponge well. Turn the stand over and screw the nut clockwise until snug, making sure the cage is facing forward before completely tightening nut down.

Place the small rectangular tip cleaning sponge into the well located in the center of the base. Wet the sponge before use with water.

To clean soldering iron wipe tip against the wet sponge during soldering.


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    Better than I expected
    By Nicola Dickson

    I bought this product because I was in danger of my iron falling off the table and burning the dog. I have just received it to day. It arrived really quickly. It is a really sturdy bit of kit which was easy to put together. I am looking forward to putting it to use and so is the dog.

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