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In less than a year on the market, The Creator's Bottle Cutter has risen to ​the number one ranked bottle cutter on Google.

Whether it is the Bottle Cutter,  Bottle Neck Cutter, Glastoppers, Creator's guarantee quality

We know there are a lot of bottle cutters on the market at Amazon, Bing, Ebay, Overstock, etc. Right now there are The Creator's Bottle Cutter, The Ephrems Bottle Cutter, The G2 Bottle Cutter, and The Armour Bottle Cutter. However, All of the Bottle Cutter Reviews consistently lead right to the Best Bottle Cutter,  The Creator's Bottle Cutter.

Scoring a bottle has never been easier.  You can even score Square, Hexagon, Triangle, and Oval bottles.

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