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  • Full Set of Viquid Enamels - 20 Colours

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Viquid Glass Enamels are an easy to use range of colours that you can use to paint on glass – allowing you to embellish your design and add fine details that would be difficult to achieve with glass alone.

This set includes all 20 colours currently available: Black, White, Red, Rosso Red, Pale Red, Pink, Bright Orange, Blue, Coral, Mid Brown, Mid Grey, Amulet Green, Grass Green, Pastel Green, Lilac, Purple, Yellow, Bright Yellow, Crimson and Purple.

These are high-fire enamels that require a 'full fuse' program.

Why choose them?

•Fuse with a shiny, glassy finish
•Don’t crack when you use heavily, unlike other ranges
•More than 20 colours available
•Water soluble
•Can be mixed together to create new colours

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