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Product information

Inland Kristall 2000s Glass Grinder

Check out our other recommended alternative glass grinders from Techniglass The Grinder 2 and the larger option of The Grinder silent machines and beutiful design.

The Kristall 2000s from Inland is a professional piece of glass grinding equipment at a very reasonable price. The Kristall 2000s electric glass grinder has a more powerful motor than the Kristall 1, which eliminates overheating with intensive use in the glass studio.

It benefits from a built-in impeller water pump system which feeds water up to the diamond glass grinder head (a 3/4" standard grit is included) without the need for a sponge. You can also benefit from the many compatible attachments and grinder bit designs to enhance your machine's capabilities this model has a worksurface which will take grinder heads up to a diameter of 1" which are available separately.

It is extremely important to wear eye protection when using glass grinders. Fill the water reservoir which prevents airborne glass dust and lubricates and cools the diamond glass grinder head, prolonging the life of the diamond surface.

It is essential to apply a thin coating of grease (e.g. petroleum jelly or anti-seize lubricant) to the motor shaft before fitting the grinder bit. It is also worth removing the allen screw and inserting some grease into the thread to keep it lubricated and easy to adjust.  Always secure the allen key to the flat side of the shaft, tightening it to the rounded side will scar the shaft and prevent removal of the bit.

Start with a piece of scrap glass the first time you grind, to get a feel for the machine and the process. The bit should be lowered and set with 1/8" of diamond coating showing, this can be raised as each 1/8" strip of coating is worn.

We recommend that you use an RCD (circuit protector) with this machine and a cap full of grinder coolant in the water to prolong the life of the diamond bit. You can add grinder coolant here

Size :

Base: 29cm Wide x 24cm Deep x 17cm Tall

Top: 27.5com Wide x 22.5cm Deep

Check out our other recommended grinders from Techniglass The Grinder 2 and the larger option of The Grinder

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  • * * * * *
    Amazing time saver!
    By Mike

    After grinding by hand with a carborundum stone this machine is a revelation. I hadn't realised how much quicker it would be and how easy to grind accurately to a line. Couldn't live without it now.

  • * * * * *
    Great grinder
    By Kerry Wright

    New to Stained Glass. Purchased this grinder as this was the one recommended by others. Easy to set up. The grinder bit that come with it starts off quite rough on the glass so use plenty of scrap pieces to wear it down slightly. This was the advice given by Creative glass guilds Facebook page. Fantastic service, very helpful. I have now completed a few little projects and growing in confidence. I wish I had purchased this sooner! Thank you!

  • * * * * *
    An excellent product
    By Susan Angell

    I've had this grinder for just over a year now and it has transformed my work. The machine is well made and runs quietly. It is easy to clean and does the job well. It pumps water up from a reservoir below the working platform keeping the grinder head and glass cool. Any glass dust is automatically caught in the water making it a delight to work with. The resulting sludgy waste falls through the platform back into the reservoir and can be mopped up with a paper towel when the job is finished. As advised by the CGG team I regularly grease the grinder spindle and retaining screw. The CGG team were very helpful when I was searching for a good grinder; their advice on buying and using this machine was spot on, thank you. I highly recommend this grinder.

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