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UGC Original - Lite Red (DRY)

Lite Red is one of the four "D" series colours in the Original Colors line. The colors in the "D" series are manufactured in a powder form, which differ from the other colorrs within the Original Colors line that we manufacture in a liquid form. The "D" indicates that these colorrs contain lead and/or cadmium. 

Lite Red fires to a glossy, rich dark red colour that is opaque. Apply in "puddle, push, pull" technique for even coverage. Colour are mixed with Medium and should be the consistency of whole milk or cream.  They should self-level when applied to surface. Semi-transparent watercolor effects can be achieved by thinning with water and applying colour allowing it to run or to disperse on the surface. A very nice medium red can be achieved by mixing deep Red and Lite Red 1:1 and then liquifying with Medium. Note that the "D" series colors can ONLY be mixed with each other to create varying shade of reds, oranges and yellows.

Colour stays true when fused between layers of glass.  Contains lead and cadmium. Due to the nature of the colour it can sometimes contain tiny black specks.

1oz Jar

Please note -

These colours contain lead and/or cadmium and are not considered food safe.

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