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MUD - White

MUD is a glass based texture medium that can air dry to a rock hard state when used on card and can also be kiln fired on glass.

MUD comes in two colors, white and black. Both colours are very opaque. They are ready to use right out of the jar with no further preparation whether they will be kiln fired or air dried. Product tends to settle in jar.

MUD can be applied with a brush, palette knife, ice lolly stick, your fingers or whatever way you can imagine. You can thin the MUD with the UGC Medium if required.

You can tint the white MUD using our NT Colors but note that you will only ever get a pastel shade since the white is so opaque. We like to do the design/project in white, let dry for 24 hours and then add colour on top.

MUD is thicker than Outline Black and White so can be used for outlining or drawing techniques where you want some texture and height. You can also mix Black MUD and Outline Black 1:1 for outlining. The two products are compatible.

Firing range is the same as the colour lines - 773C to 843C (1425F to 1550F) - note that the hotter they are fired the shinier they become.

For more information about MUD and the range of UGC Enamels please click here to read our guide. We also have a samples guide which gives you some examples of how to use MUD, click here to take a look.

UGC also has a YouTube Channel showing Margot creating some of the MUD flowers.

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