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  • No Days Bailbond

  • BB-156-30-2
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A unique characteristic of NO Days BailBond is its ability to be easily re-worked unlike other traditional liquid adhesives.  Once you heat and cure your bail to either your glass, stone or jewel, they can be easily detached by simply re-heating.  No more having to "break your bond" after curing and risk damaging your art piece or bail.  NO Days BailBond is designed with an elevated phase-change temperature of 160F/71C (point at which it is heated and turns from a solid to a liquid).  Heat gun or embossing heat tool recommended to provide elevated temperature requirements.  Hair Dryers are regulated by design and some may not be able to provide an elevated temperature of 160F/71C.

3.9mm Wide, 61cm (2ft) long. Choose from black or clear

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