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No Days Liquid Fusing Glue

No Days Liquid Fusing Adhesive is a light tack non-toxic and environmentally friendly bonding product designed for temporary placement of light accent items to glass before fusing.

  • 4oz / 110ml bottle
  • Includes an ultra fine tip needle dispenser and foam brush
  • Leaves behind no residue after firing
  • Easily mix with frit to shape design
  • Use to add leafing or foil to glass surface
  • Lightly tacks glass layers together
  • Cures within minutes
  • Non-toxic and easy to dispense
  • No heat required to cure
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    Extremely useful
    By Douglas Reeve

    I always use this great product when working with frit and small piece of glass which need to be held in place whilst being transferred to the kiln, never run out. It burns off completely during firing and gives off a acceptable smell not like some adhesives.

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    Sticky and useful!
    By Juliet Forrest

    I use this product a lot for anchoring fruit and powders to my base glass. Also good for sticking copper or silver leaf into place. You don’t need to use tons of it so it lasts quite a long time. It is very sticky and becomes increasingly tacky as it dries. Weird, but not unpleasant smell. Generally very useful! One warning- it does easily soak into porous surfaces even granite worktops so protect surfaces when you use it

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