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Novacan - Black Patina for Solder

Novacan premium Black Patina, darkens solder in your copper foil projects.  The best Patina on the market!

After soldering your copper foiled piece, wash off any flux residue, dry and then paint on with a small brush (not included), wipe off excess and polish with a cloth.

This item cannot be shipped air.

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    Wouldn’t use another brand
    By Kate Lavender

    Works well on solder and hobby came. Gives a lovely deep black & shiny finish on well prepared surfaces (flux free, dry and prepared with a quick wipe over with a magic sponge) - I also find adding a pinch of salt and applying when the glass and solder are really cold gives optimum results, but it could just be in my head!
    Trusted brand for a lot of glass products - consistent finish and good quality - would use anything else - why put all the work into creating the piece & risk it not looking its best because of the finishing product?

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    The one and only patina to use
    By steve pollington

    first class product combined with black polish gives a fantastic professional finish to any glass art work.
    I tried others this is the best.

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    Best patina I’ve used so far!
    By Lynne Mason

    I recently switched from a generic brand black patina to Novacan’s black patina and the difference is incredible! It’s gives a deep black finish and worked quickly!

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