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3M Respirator Face Mask

3M respirator, ideal for providing a higher level of protection from dust and fibre than standard disposable masks.  It is recommended for use with ceramic fibre papers, paints and stains, powdered frit and other dusty processes in the glass studio. See specification below for details.

Unique integral construction respirator providing lightweight comfortable respiratory protection against a wide range of gases vapours and particulates.


• The 3M 4000 series meet the performance requirements of the

European Standard EN405:2002 for valved filtering half-mask respirators for gases, or gases and particulate combinations.

• Are suitable for use under COSHH, CAW, CLAW and IRR.

• The products are CE marked.


The following materials are used in the production of the product:

• Face piece - Thermoplastic elastomer

• Head harness - Polypropylene/cotton braided elastic

• Plastic components - Polypropylene

• Gas/Vapour filter - Activated carbon

• Particulate filter - Polypropylene

• Exhale valve - Silicone rubber

• Inhale valve - Natural rubber

Product weight: 300g max.


The products have been tested to European Standard EN405:2002 and have met the relevant requirements of the categories shown below.

The main performance tests in this standard are:

• Face Fit

• Flammability

• Breathing Resistance

• Filter Performance

Within the criteria specified in the standard

- The 3M 4251 (FFA1P2D) provides protection against organic vapours, (boiling above 65°C) up to 10 times the Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) or 1000 parts per million (ppm), whichever is lower. 10 times OEL for particulates.*


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