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An exceptional, highly engineered and appointed precision instrument for the glass artist The Grinder includes all the attachments and accessories you will need. Plus two grinder bits, a 1" and a 3/4".

Powerful, Whisper Operation

THE GRINDER's super quiet, powerful motor boasts a torque of 57 oz/in (0.4 N/m) at 4500 RPM, surpassing any model available. Vibration dampening technology absorbs shock and provides added stability to maintain an extremely quiet whisper operation for the most pleasurable grinding.

Tremendous Surface Area

THE GRINDER is designed with a spacious 12" x 16" (30 x 40 cm) surface. Experience the robust power along with an ultra-smooth and chip-free grind.

Universal Compatibility

THE GRINDER is equipped with a 5 ft. (1.5 m) durable and removable 3-prong cord which meets international standards and is 110-220 VAC compatible. 

The secondary platform with water reservoir can be effortlessly placed atop the main grid enabling use of 1/4" and 1/8" spindle top bits. Equipped with its own reservoir and Aqua Flow System, the secondary platform has water ingeniously delivered to the grinding head for flawless execution.


Powerful DC Brushless Motor

4500 RPM

110-220 VAC for Universal Use

Low Profile, Contemporary Design

Vibration Control


The Guard is a wear resistant splash curtain designed to keep the work surface clean and dry. It is manufactured from 100% BPA free, wear resistant, flexible soft silicone material. Glass pieces of unlimited size and length can easily slide through the bristles which capture debris and water returning to the reservoir. 

Removable Water Tray

Unlike other grinders, the water reservoir comes equipped with a removable tray which can be easily emptied after use. With handles on each side, the lift-out tray makes cleanup simple and safe.

Eliminate carrying a heavy awkward grinder to the sink or potentially spilling its contents on floors and work surfaces. Any accumulated glass grit can be cleaned out with the included scraper and disposed of or repurposed.

Water Wave Stabilizer Design & Support System

The uniquely designed main grid has incorporated supports and baffles on the underside to stabilize the work surface, limiting water movement during tray transport.

Accessory Drawer

The exclusive, compartmentalized and built-in drawer is a space saving way to store spare bits, included scraper, Aqua Flow System® replacement brushes, stainless steel bit guard, and other tools!

Everwear Bit Guard

Made from durable stainless steel, the bit guard allows interchangeable usage of 3/4" and 1" grinding bit sizes.


EZ -Guide Channels

The GRINDER is equipped with convenient channels located on each side of the working surface for attaching tools.

The Aqua Flow System

Artists won’t realize the short comings of a conventional sponge until they’ve experienced the ingenuity of a highly engineered water system included with THE GRINDER. To replace ineffective sponges and enhance glass grinding, two Aqua Flow Systems® and three brushes are included for both main and elevated work surfaces.

EZ -View Windows & Lift Grid

It’s important to keep a sufficient flow of water to your bit head while grinding. Reservoir water level can be continuously monitored through the EZ-View Windows. The Lift Grid easily removes for the addition of water or cleaning with the smartly-designed cutouts.

All Included With the Grinder

Quick Fit Bit System - no keys required, re-usable holder

Easy to use & Time Saving.  No need to find and use keys or locking tools – no grinder freeze-ups – no frustration! Changing bits is simple and fast, even for individuals with reduced grip strength. Durable and Corrosion Free, high-impact polymers extend the life of the Quick-Fit Bit Holder and eliminate the possibility of corrosion  and freeze-ups on the grinder shaft.

Ultra-Smooth, Long Lasting Grind

Engineered with industrial elastomer, the Quick-Fit Bit Holder absorbs grinding vibration and protects glass from fracturing, chipping or shelled edges.  Layers of high-quality diamond particles give the Quick-Fit Bit a long-lasting, ever-sharp grind. The Quick-Fit Bit Holder may be adjusted vertically on the grinder shaft, the bit may be reversed to utilize the full glass grinding surface.

The Aqua Flow System - Continuous Water Flow, Prevents Dry-Out

The patented Aqua Flow System brush bristles transfer water from the reservoir to grinding bit heads via capillary action, requiring addition of water only at the onset of grinding. With conventional sponges, water needs to be added every 10-15 minutes. With the Aqua Flow System, the bristles do not absorb sludge or dry-out, eliminating the need for constant cleaning, adjusting and rehydration.

Prolonged Bit Life, Anti-Clog Technology

The proprietary anti-clog brush bristles allow water to flow continuously, while cleaning the bit head. This feature maximizes the life of grinding bits, ultimately saving you money on replacements.  The Aqua Flow System’s anti-clog technology allows water to flow continuously, drawing sludge away from the grinding bit back to the reservoir.

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