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Product information

Toyo Custom Grip Glass Cutter

The Toyo custom-grip glass cutter fit between the thumb and forefinger, allowing the fingers to remain straight, relieving them of strain whilst scoring.

This cutter fits all hand sizes and the saddle is adjustable to four different heights by reversing it and a bushing from the top and bottom.

The Custom-Grip has a new spring-controlled oil flow system. Pressing down on the cutting head opens a valve and allows oil to flow, stopping completely when pressure is released. This controlled oil flow eliminates the possibility of leaking, something commonly associated with oil cutters.

Please note if you order the cutter with ‘No Extras’ no oil will be supplied.

The TAP Wheel™ has an axle bore with eight microscopic cams creating eight "taps" per revolution of the wheel. The 140 degree hone angle suits general cutting applications. The result is longer wheel life and a clean, consistent score.
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    Toyo custom grip glass cutter
    By Jeanie Cheesman

    This glass cutter is a game changer for me! Easy and very comfortable to use. Cuts glass so much better than my previous cutter! Would definitely recommend this product.

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    Very easy to use
    By Vaughan Tansley

    The extra support on the handle makes the cutter very easy to use.

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    Transformed my life!
    By Shirley Bell

    I have struggled for so long with cutting coloured glass sheets for my abstract mosaic landcapes and gave up and just used a wheeled cutter. Now I can cut straight pieces with ease, cut curves, and generally do everything I need to create my watery depths and green landscape.

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