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UGC Artisan - Glacier

The lead free Artisan colours by Unique Glass Colours come in powder form that needs to be mixed with the UGC Medium (see link below). We currently have all 16 colours in the range available and they are developed to be used on glass from COE85 to COE96 glass, so are compatible with our Spectrum System 96 range.

These colours are transparent/translucent and always form bubbles when kiln fired between layers of glass and create a darker textured, opaque and glossy finish when fired on the top layer of glass.  Apply lightly or more heavily depending on the desired effect. Can also be used in powder form. By using specific placement techniques, you can actually control your bubbles - leave a space between lines of colour and the bubbles will follow one another! Experiment with different types of glass to see what interesting effects you can achieve.

Creative Glass Guild are pleased to be the exclusive distributor for Unique Glass Colours in the UK. UGC are manufacturers of kiln fired glass colours and have been producing high quality glass colours since 1994 in Casselberry, Florida USA.

UGC products will allow you to create beautiful works of art, both kiln fired and non-fired, on many different surfaces. We currently stock two of the UGC kiln fired colour lines - Artisan and Accent -  that are for commercial applications, hobbyists and artisans. The  colours kiln fire in the 1425F to 1550F firing range (773°C - 843°C). Surfaces include - float glass, porcelain, terra cotta, recycled glass, specialty glass, pre-fired pottery and most any glass that can fire within that range. The colours can fire to much hotter temperatures when used on surfaces other than glass.


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