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UGC Details are a brand new product enabling glass fusing artists to create fine line work in their projects.  It is specially made to enable the use of finer brush heads, which no other enamel can do as well.

Simply mix with your UGC medium and brush onto glass or you can apply over other UGC Colours using the layering mix.

1/2oz Jar

What are Detail colors? They are high pigment content powders that are mixed with our Medium to the desired consistency and applied over color or directly onto glass with a brush, a writer pen, a stamp, a calligraphy pen or any tool where you want fine detail on your artwork.  They can also be mixed with MUD for color tinting. Firing range is 775C - 840C (1425F—1550F) (except Green and that needs 1480 to mature) and COE 83-96 glass.

Detail Colors come in 1/2 oz. jars in five different colors—Black, White, Brown, Green and Blue. All are opaque.

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