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UGC Glass Separator 16oz (473ml)

The primary purpose of the UGC Glass Separator is to protect kiln shelves and firing forms from damage.  Comes in liquid form and essentially is a high fire kiln wash that has been milled a second time so it goes on silky smooth.

Unique Glass Colors Glass Separator does not have to be removed after or re-applied before each firing. Touch ups may be needed if a chip occurs over time and will need to be re-applied for maintenance.

This means it can be used up to 2250F / 1233C and remain stable. When used along with our FREE that comes in 3 oz or 13 oz jars in powder form, it can be used to allow most glass to also not adhere to the shelf or firing form. 

Some glass and some techniques will still cause the Glass Separator to lift off the surface but it is still doing it’s job of protecting that surface. Those glasses and techniques may also require firing paper or another type of mold release.

To be successful, Glass Separator needs to be applied to a perfectly clean (no residue of any kind) surface in multiple (3-4) thin coats using a wide, soft brush, allowing each coat to dry before adding another. Allow to air dry thoroughly and place in a cold kiln, take it up to 800F/ 426C and turn off the kiln allowing it to cool back to room temperature. It will change color but still not be white. Once this is complete you do not need to coat those shelves or forms for many firings, even years depending on how often you fire. For stainless steel forms you need to fire the form first to rid it of any residue that would interfere with the adhesion. Then heat the form using a blow dryer or in the over so when the first coat of Glass Separator is applied it sticks to the surface, dries right away and does not slide around.

To aid in glass not sticking to the Glass Separator that is protecting the surfaces and to aid in making the Glass Separator application last as long as possible, we recommend using FREE with each and every firing. A light dusting is all that is needed, we put it in an old sock and pounce it on the surface, or you can use it to create some texture on your glass. We like to use a medium, uneven layer on our shelf to give clear, flat glass the look of antique glass. FREE allows the glass “to move freely” on the surface. However, even with FREE there may be glass that still sticks.

Glass Separator and FREE have been manufactured and used internationally for over forty years, mostly by commercial companies who do not want to have to keep cleaning off their surfaces. They know how their kilns perform and the properties of the glass they are using. This is essential knowledge to have before using our Glass Separator as it makes a very tough bond with the surface and has to be sanded off.

If there are any problems using the Glass Separator it is usually because of two reasons. It has not been applied properly or the glass or technique being used needs more in the way of firing paper or mold release.


You can purchase the UGC FREE here on the website.

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