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UGC Layering Mix

UGC Layering Mix was created to enable multiple layers of coloured glass enamels to be applied on top of one another and then only one firing is needed.

Base layer needs to dry for 24 hours and then subequent layers can be placed on top. Allow each layer to dry for 24 hours before adding another layer on top to avoid disturbing the previous layer. Can also be added to frit to build up areas and then apply colour over the dried frit. It can be used effectively as a fusing glue for holding frit, stringer and noodles in place on the top of glass sheet before fusing. 

Try different ratios of colour to Layering Mix for Impasto and glazing techniques simply by adjusting the amount of powdered colour to Layering Mix. Add multiple layers of colour, allow to dry, and use sgraffito techniques to cut through the dried colours. Start off with a 1:1 ratio and adjust from there depending on the desired effect. We call this product "artist/application dependent" as so many, varied techniques are possible. 

For more information on medium and the range of UGC Enamels please click here to read our guide.

Creative Glass Guild are pleased to be the exclusive distributor for Unique Glass Colours in the UK.


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    Best enamel medium
    By Christina Cock

    This is so much better than ordinary mediums for enamels. Easy to use and able to paint on more layers once it dries. Although it seems expensive, only small amounts are needed. Works with Dove enamels which I already had

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    Gamechanger for enamel painting
    By Jill Tisbury

    I love painting realism, particularly wildlife so projects require many layers to produce the depth I like. Layering mix is a game changer for me as I no longer need to fire between layers to stop the previous layer coming off as I paint the next. Lasts for ages too, so is pretty great value.

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