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Product information

UGC Metallic Colours Kit

Creative Glass Guild are pleased to be the exclusive distributor for Unique Glass Colours in the UK.

The UGC Metallic Colours Kit contains;

  • 1oz jars of the following NT Colours:
  • 11017 Silver Sheen
  • 11013 Copper Glow
  • 11011 White Diamonds
  • 11012 Gold Dust
  • 11016 Vanilla 
  • 8oz bottle of Medium
  • Basic UGC instruction sheet for use
  • Full colour chart of the entire Metallic line
  • Fused colour sample chip (pictured)

The cooler these colours fire, the rougher the surface becomes. They also need to be used only on the top layer as fusing between layers takes away their metallic qualities.

The NT colour line is by Unique Glass Colours come in powder form, are all non-toxic and food-safe (even the metallic colours). The NTs fire to rich, glossy, vibrant colour and are semi-opaque to opaque.

The NT line should be mixed with the UGC Medium to the consistency of melted ice cream and they fire semi-opaque to opaque when mixed on a 1:1 ratio. They can also be used in their dry form for stencilling or sifting techniques.

Average firing range is 773°C to 843°C (1425F to 1550F) but colours can be fired much hotter. We at UGC have taken the colours up to 983°C (1800F) and the colours remain stable. Firing on the cooler side will result in colours not being as shiny as when fired to the hotter temperatures.

For more information on medium and the range of UGC Enamels please click here to read our guide.

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