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UGC Sparkle - Brown 14g

Creative Glass Guild are pleased to be the exclusive distributor for Unique Glass Colours in the UK.

Unique Glass Colours Sparkles can fire on glass COE 83-96 and have a firing range of  773°C to 843°C (1425F to 1550F)

Make into liquid form using our UGC Medium or Layering Mix. Adds sparkling details to artwork and can be used as sparkling fired watercolours. Fires matte on top of glass and over enamels at lower temperatures but will fire much shinier at higher temperatures.

Polish with a soft cloth after firing for maximum sparkle.

Helpful Hints and Observations on SPARKLES

  • Can be capped and still shine.
  • Most opaque coverage is when they are applied over a light background.
  • Can be mixed with both Medium and Layering Mix.
  • Will generally fuse to a matte finish with Sparkles on top. If fired hotter over our enamels they will be shinier. Artist/Application dependent, meaning how they are applied will determine the final outcome.

Use as Details and ACCENTS are used to enhance designs. While they do adhere to clear glass, they look better applied over an opaque background.

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