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Wissmach Iridescent Double Rolled Clear

PLEASE NOTE : Some of the iridised coating may be clear metallic and not rainbow.  This can vary across the sheet and is inherent in the glass and not a flaw due to production methods  This will result in the iridescent layer being slightly inconsistent in places. Some of this is to be expected in each piece.

Please note that due to the nature of how this glass is made it is common for the glass to contain roll marks - please consider this may be a factor when designing your project.

A rolled iridised glass.

  • Perfect for stained glass and copper foil projects
  • Approx. 3mm thick

To give the glass its iridescent effect, a thin layer of metallic crystal is bonded to the glass during production, creating an amazing colourful shimmering effect.

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    Irid that doesn't get damaged when cleaning
    By Bryony Plumb

    I fuse as well and normally use Bullseye glass and have found that their irid glass scratches when cleaned and pen doesn't wipe off easily. This irid glass however is the opposite, it's so smooth that the coating is almost like it's embedded in the glass itself. It doesn't scratch or discolour and if using pen as a guide, the pen can wipe off afterwards with ease. I think I've found my new favourite go-to glass maker. Brilliant (and a lot cheaper than Bullseye too!)

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    A must have!
    By Sarabeth Halley

    This glass was a must have for me and I included it in my first order of glass supplies and I wasn't disappointed. The colours shine and play with the light and while I have not used it yet I am sure it will work just as easily as the black which I have used and it was easy to cut, grind and work with so now I just need the perfect project to use it with.

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    Lovely black irid
    By Sarabeth Halley

    This glass looks great, cuts well and grinds easily. I've used it in a few small projects and like it so far. Will very likely buy again when I need more.

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