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Wissmach Iridescent: Orange & Green Streaky

Please note that due to the nature of how this glass is made it is common for the glass to contain roll marks - please consider this may be a factor when designing your project.

Streaky glass is manufactured by adding a colour or colours to a clear glass base. The colour is mixed with the clear base to provide streaks of colour throughout the sheet. Our range of Wissmach streakies are a good quality rolled cathedral that are classed as transparent/translucent. The transparency is dependent on the colours used.

  • Perfect for stained glass and copper foil projects
  • Approx. 3mm thick

To give the glass its iridescent effect, a thin layer of metallic crystal is bonded to the glass during production, creating an amazing colourful shimmering effect. Please note that due to production the iridescent layer may be slightly inconsistent in places.

Photo above is a general representation of glass colors. Colors may vary.


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    By Jane Leakey

    I love this glass with its deep, warm oranges. When I ordered it I was concerned that the green would dominate, but it's subtle. Which makes it perfect for sunsets. Great price too!

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