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Product information

Castacab Hearts

Stop throwing away scrap glass, instead turn your scrap into one-of-a-kind hearts with this unique mould. Designed to work with the Scrapmaster Cast A Cab melt pot moulds (available to purchase separately), this simple casting mould forms your melt into perfect, circular pendants.

Simply coat the mould with primer (we recommend ZYP as other brands don't fire high enough) and place under the Scrap Master Cast A Cab mould. During firing the glass will flow out of the Scrap Master mould into the casting mould to create gorgeous one-of-a-kind hearts with colour swirls.

Small enough to fit in a table top kiln - mould measures 3¼" x 5¾" (8.2 x 14.6cm).

Fill weight 37 grams per heart.

Project courtesy of artist Stephanie O'Toole of Creative Paradise.

Made by Creative Paradise Inc in the USA


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