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Product information

CGG Decals – Santa, Sleigh and Reindeer Silhouettes

BRAND NEW! Our new range of Christmas decals are perfect for adding festive cheer to your glass fusing. The santa, sleigh and reindeers design features 14 decals or santa and sleigh and reindeer.

Simply cut out your decal, soak in clean warm water, when the transfer uncurls remove from the water. Then slide the transfer from the backing paper and onto your glass. Squeegee the transfer to remove any water between the decal and the glass. Allow to dry for around 2 hours before firing.

The recommended firing temperate is between 745 - 760 C, lower temperatures enable colours to stay bright. It is recommended you full fuse your glass and then apply the decals and re-fire. Please note that when firing to higher temperatures colours will fade.

Once kiln fired these decals are permanent and will not scratch or rub off. For best results use opaque glass. Please note that these glass decals have a flux overcoat which will leave a faint line where you cut the decal.

Sheet size 297mm x 210mm each sheet contains 14 decals.

Approx decal sizes - Large santa and sleigh 183mm x 49mm, small santa and sleigh 96.5 x 26mm, large reindeer 95mm x 93mm, medium reindeer 65mm x 63.5mm and small reindeer 31mm x 30.5mm.

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