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FK7 Glass Fusing & Slumping Kiln

All our FK Glass Kilns Have FREE DELIVERY AND a KCR32C Digital Controller INCLUDED.

KW: 14
Internal WxDxH: 1300x1050x270
External WxDxH: 1660x1550x1240
Power Supply: 1 or 3, Phase & N

We have an FK7 Glass Fusing Kiln in our studio space for hire, you can visit us to carry out a large project or try before you buy! From our own experience we are able to personally reccommend the FK Range of fusing kilns.

FK Kilns are the professional glass artists choice. Fantastic build quality and service along with an amazing range of sizes. All top loading (flat bed) kilns with a choice of easy to use, programmable digital controllers.
The FK range remains largely unchanged from its previous design with the exception of vent flaps fitted to all models on both the roof and side vents which means no more broken bungs!

The elements are on high quality ceramic rods and are wound with Kanthal A1, renowned as the worlds best element wire. The elements are wound around the outside of the tube as recommended by Kanthal to give maximum element life, maximum efficiency and this method reduces the risk of thermal infra red shock to the glass surface during the warm up or lower temperatures by ensuring a"soft" black heat at the early part of the cycle. Using A1 eliminates any possibility of element flaking causing small particles to drop down onto the glass.

The FK range is designed totally to be functional, simple and easily maintainable. For instance, in the rare event of having to replace en element or tube the lid is easily removed and the kiln is worked on like working on a bench, this is as easy as it gets and requires very little space around the kiln. The lid seal is not stuck on but is held in by a removable stainless steel picture frame and as such, in the event of damage, is fully replaceable leaving a factory fitted finish that will give years more trouble free use. The entire range, except the FK3, is designed to reach 700c in around 30-40 minutes, although this is faster than most glass will withstand, it does help to quickly stabilize the kiln temperature if the lid has been opened whilst hot.

The metalwork of the kiln has taken on a subtle new style to enhance the ascetics of the kiln and new features come as standard. The handle, the rear power box and the interlock bracket can be easily removed to reduce the kiln to it's smallest possible size as more increasingly these kilns are finding their way through small doors. If that still not enough the kiln will split down to 3 sections, the chamber, the base and the legs. The handle has 2 positions. In it's default position it is at 90 degrees to the chamber, it can be easily altered to be in a more down facing position to assist shorter users. There are e vent holes in the roof of the kiln to aid with faster cooling and help extract steam if any moisture is present. As mentioned earlier, stainless steel vent flaps are fitted to all vents.

Something that is also unique to the FK and FK-R ranges is the Kilncare Electri-lift system. 

This is anall electric remote lid lift which makes the opening and closing of the kiln chamber a simple press of a button. Simple as that.

However the system is far from simple and technologically advanced with internal overloads, regulators and also auto syncronisation to ensure that both sides of the chamber are lifted simultaneously.

The Electri-lift is powered directly from the kiln and does not require an additional electrical supply.

On the FK6 and above the underfloor steel sheet is replaced with heavy duty walkmesh to aid cooling and to keep a strong stable bed. The refractory floor bricks are easily replaceable Each kiln has an over temperature heat fuse with it's own safety contactor to protect the kiln in the event of a disaster. The electrics are mounted below the level of the floor but are to the outside of the frame to combat high ambient temperatures under the floor and so increasing the life of the electrics.

As with all Kilncare kilns the frames are powder coated and oven baked and the kilns contain no ceramic fibre.

You can rest assured that, as a British made product, service and quality back up is never far away and technical questions can be answered by the people that make the kiln – which is priceless.

All FK kilns now carry a 3 year guarantee on all parts including elements. This guarantee does not cover the thermal heat fuse.

Delivery lead times on all kilns will be confirmed at the time of order, Kilns are not stock items. Delivery is to UK mainland addresses only. Other areas incur a surcharge.

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