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Green Mix Vitbits COE96 100g

Vitrigraph stringers are made by melting off cuts of glass in the kiln and pulling, twisting and curving the molten glass as it runs through an open hole in the bottom of the kiln. These are great value small vitrigraph ends, the offcuts of the larger pieces - perfect for flower stems and meadow scenes.  Cheaper by the gram than regular stringers!

  • 100g jar
  • Assortment of thick and thin small pieces
  • COE96

The glass is made up of an assortment of opaque, transparent and wispy glasses so colours will vary throughout the stringers. And will vary from batch to batch.

PLEASE NOTE: Vitrigraph stringers are not pre-annealed so we would recommend reducing your initial ramp rate when rising onto a project, thicker pieces will need a slower ramp.

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