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Hakko FX-601 Soldering Iron Spare Tips

Spare tips for the Hakko FX-601 stained glass soldering iron. All tips are suitable for both copper foiling and leading work.

Available in:

  • T19-D32 Chisel Soldering Tip 3.2mm x 18.5mm 
  • T19-C3 Bevel Soldering Tip 3mm/45° x 18.5mm 
  • T19-D65 Chisel Soldering Tip 6.5mm x 18mm
  • T19-C65 Bevel Soldering Tip 6.5mm/45° x 15.5mm
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    Great tool
    By Kat

    Great powerful tool. Small, lightweight, perfect! Called the best iron for soldering stained glass by many. And it consumes half of energy than Weller soldering iron (47W).

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