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Product information

Hobbyfuser Gen4 Glass Kiln - with WIFI controller

The Hobbyfuser Gen4 is the new version of the popular Hobbyfuser 3 and is extremely economical due to the high quality, high tech materials. The Gen4 now comes with a KCR32C controller, it offers 32 programs, each program having 32 segments. Each segment is a target temperature, a speed of rise or fall and a dwell time at the target temperature. The KCR32C also can be used in F or C, has over temperature protection, program pause and skip and uses unique Solid State Hybrid switching to maximise reliability.

The controller is upgraded to a KCR32CWIFI controller. The KCR32CWIFi is internally the same as the KCR32C allowing you to enter up to 32 different programs, but has the capability to be accessed and controlled remotely from your mobile device. Using Kilncares GATEway access site you can view how your kiln is running in real time. Stop the firing or adjust programs all without even being in the same country let alone the same room.

The Hobbyfuser Gen4 carries the same impressive FOUR year guarantee on all parts, including the elements, as the rest of the “”fuser” family.

Please make sure that you plug this kiln into the mains and NOT into an extension lead.

Creative Glass Guild offer FREE delivery to UK mainland addresses (excluding some remote and highland areas). Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

We offer you great discounts when you purchase a kiln from us - this kiln entitles you to 7.5% off glass and materials purchases for a year! (This excludes sale items, books and power tools).

Further Information

  • Internal size 415mm x 415mm x 200mm
  • 2.5kw single phase fitted with plug top to suit country
  • 960c maximum temperature
  • Quartz tube "infra-red" heating system
  • Stainless steel chamber and base
  • Lid spring lift assist
  • Recessed floor with retaining walls
  • KCR32CWIFI digital controller with 32 programs
  • Fast react thermocouple
  • Non ceramic fibre lid section
  • Light weight refractory brick base
  • Astonishing performance
  • Fast cooling
  • Vent hole in roof
  • Optional stand and inner shelf kit
  • Designed and built by Kilncare in the UK
  • FOUR years guarantee on ALL parts INCLUDING the elements
  • We recommend a 300mm clearance all around to allow air circulation and better cooling efficiency
  • Comes with a COE 96 Starter Pack

Also available with the following accessories

  • Shelf and posts
  • Powder coated stand
  • Shelf, posts and stand
  • Stand and wheels
  • Shelf, posts, stand and wheels

Specific Kiln Information

  • 240 volt
  • Single phase UK 13 amp plug fitted
  • Outside dimensions including stand Width: 29 1/2" x Depth: 29" x Height: 18" (750mm x 740mm x 460mm)
  • Cable length 1.5 metres
  • Maximum Temperature 950°C
  • Weight 75kg
  • CE marked, built to CE standards
  • 4 Year Parts and Elements Warranty

We can recommend the Hobby Fuser kiln personally, as we have two of our own. Our experience has been excellent and our team are very familiar with the kiln and it's controller. Purchasing through us, you will have the benefit of our extensive experience should you ever need it.

Call us if you would like any further help with your choice on 0117 9588820.

Delivery can take up to 5 weeks depending on factory workload. Delivery is a palletised kerbside service due to the weight and size. We recommend two fit and reasonably strong people are on site to accept the delivery.


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  • * * * * *
    Treat yourself!
    By Sarah Woodward

    After careful consideration, I took the plunge and bought myself a Hobbyfuser 3 Glass kiln. And why not!
    It is absolutely brilliant. The controller is so easy to use, and comes pre programmed with great options. I've slumped in it, done hot firings, even done a pot melt in it (using a split pot melt mould from Creative Glass), and that went really hot! It's a good size and is ideal for a starter kiln.
    It is British built, and has been made to a very high standard. Another plus is that is comes with a 3 year guarantee and free delivery. You won't regret choosing this kiln, you really won't.

  • * * * * *
    Outstanding Kiln Choice
    By Muna Zuberi

    Being a pernickety sort, when I decided to get a kiln I did an awful lot of hemming and hawwing when I did my research. I wanted a kiln that was consistent, a decent size, reliable and cheap to run. The main things I wanted to do were glass painting and fusing ? perhaps a bit of slumping (never tried it before) but the option to give it a go was important. You?d never know if you were a slumping wizard unless you had the tools to give it a go (I?m not, but that?s not important right now). The Hobbyfuser 3 seemed to fit the bill and one of the things that persuaded me was that Creative Glass Guild said that they used a couple in their studio. If they use it ? it?s gotta be good ? right?!

    Was it consistent? YES ? no hot spots that I?ve identified (and I?ve been busy ? done about 40 firings thus far) and great results. You can store 9 programmes in the controller so, now I?ve done all my test firings, I just need to pick the right programme and away I go. Would I be a little over confident to say that I know what results I?m going to get before everything?s cooked? Probably but I can almost certainly discount kiln issues as the cause. Human error ? that?s a different matter ? in my case, those are frequent and frustrating but I can?t blame my tools.

    Decent size? Indeed ? I can get 9 coasters in or masses of pendants if that?s my menu for the day. If I?m feeling adventurous I can fire a glass painting up to 37cm square (a centimetre smaller than the shelf). There?s plenty of height to indulge in a bit of slumping too (if you?ll pardon the oxymoron).

    Reliable? See consistent! Yes ? what can I say ? hasn?t let me down yet and I haven?t even had to speak soft words into it?s kilny ear. I have given it a name though (Big Bertha if you want to know). One of the things I looked for was how expensive it would be to repair if that became a neccessity ? the Hobbyfuser 3 has elements you can switch in and out easily and you can also replace the bricks without cementing. Simples.

    Cheap to run? Again, it?s a yes. The newfangled "infra-red" quartz tube heating elements must be quite energy efficient as I haven?t noticed an uplift in our electricity bill at all (well, not to do with the kiln anyway).

    Other things I?ve noticed since I?ve become a proud kiln ower:

    Top loading rocks ? especially if you are fusing ? you can see exactly what you are doing.
    Kiln paper ? treat it kindly and it will last several firings.
    Plug in kiln ? can?t emphasise enough how handy this is ? the other half is a restless sort and keeps wanting to rearrange the conservatory (where Big Bertha lives). Moving the kiln is not a problem (the other half however...)
    Controller ? wow ? scary to begin with and then quickly becomes laughably easy to understand.

    In summation ? if you need a decently sized, reliable and cheap to run kiln, the Hobbyfuser 3 is the bees knees.

  • * * * * *
    Quality kiln
    By Luce Woodland

    Great service during ordering, delivery and aftercare, from kilncare and CGG. Pre programmed control unit really did mean I could plug it in and go! I've used it twice a week for the first 2 months I've owned it, it been super reliable and I have utter faith in it. I also have complete faith that when it needs servicing it will be easy to organise. Awesome first kiln!

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