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We believe this is the best glass bead kiln on the market today.  It is at an amazing price for Kilncare build quality and longevity.  We have just invested in one for our new Beadmaking Studio (we had to go for the pink one!) So if you would like to visit and see one or have a trial session, please give us a call.

Price Includes Controller and Delivery*

The MAXI has been designed for the serious beader or class application.  Major British beaders and flame workers have been involved in its development to ensure that nothing was overlooked.

The kiln has a unique lower floor that enables the lower row of beads to be inserted at a slight downward facing angle. This allows the kiln to house three rows of beads at differing heights on its unique rear wall rack. The result is a possible 90 or more beads (size depending) to be annealed without touching each other or having to be moved. Many more if the racks are removed.

The kiln has to service many areas of bead  making and so it is designed to mix and match.
The perforated rear wall rack is in 3 pieces and any one can be removed and a lower rack inserted for larger flame work. 
The rod stabiliser on the front can be clipped off in either 1/3 or 2/3 sections. depending on rod size and length.
2 additional half Boards are supplied that bring the lower floor level with the front edge so making for a flat floor which may be preferable for off mandrel applications. 
The doors have a thumb throw door catch that automatically keeps the door in the closed position but opening of the door is still a single handed “flick” operation. 

The real benefit of the design of this kiln though is its superb efficiency. Tests with its main       competitor show that the MAXI uses between 35% and 40% less electricity over the same 8 hour garaging period and 5 hour annealing cycle.  

In Kilncare tradition, the kiln is ultra-safe. The element is protected by a steel sheath making it   impossible for the element to be accidently touched. This also ensures that the kiln elements can be safely left running whilst the mandrel is placed. It complies to ALL relavent and stringent UK standards.  This makes this bead kiln ideal for educational establishments, such as schools or colleges, where extra emphesis is required on health and safety requirements.


Part of the MAXI system is the KCR2 has been designed for total ease of use and offers adjustable programs with 9 segments in each program. Each segment is a heat/cool rate, a target temperature and a hold. Full digital display, power used, forward segment feature, pause button and audible buzzer also feature. 

The MAXI comes complete with 13amp plug top, is available in Kilncare Supermarine blue or PINK! (MAXIne) and has a 24 month guarantee. 

MAXI comprises of

1 x MAXI kiln.
1 x KCR2 controller.
3 x full rear racks.
1 x half rear rack.
2 x half floor raising boards.
Full instructions.

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